Sdoc 100 POWER GEL

Motorcycle cleaning - at it's very best! A must-have for any biker ...
Sdoc 100 can save the day

Failure to properly clean and protect your bike can result in the white fur of corrosion. Don't neglect that expensive alloy, the bright plating, even the nuts, bolts & brackets

Sdoc 100 is a unique acid free, corrosion free, motorcycle cleaning product. This product delivers incredible results without the danger of corrosion or damage associated with many other (acid-based) cleaning products.

Helps to protect from corrosion and prevents paintwork discolouration Sdoc 100 even prevents water spotting!

Removes the toughest dirt, including insects, road grime - even spun-off chain lube.

The Sdoc 100 code:

Spray the bike liberally with Sdoc 100 - let it soak in and do its job (a 15 minute soak should normally do the trick - longer if very cold) - heavily soiled areas may require longer - and a wipe with a sponge - acide-free formulation ... no time pressure to remove ... and no risk of acid damage - rinse off when ready - dry the bike off and leather it down - Job done! - environmentally friendly Sdoc can be purchased from Scorpion Tyres in a 1 litre bottle spray - only £16
(customer collection only - mail order is not available)


Clean it with Sdoc 100, protect it with ACF-50 and grease it with Corrosion Block

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