ACF50 Anti Corrosion Formula

As close to zero corrosion as nature will allow! An absolute must for any UK biker

Designed to protect military equipment from the effects of sea & salt corrosion, this product is now available commercially.

ACF-50 is safe and approved for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electrical systems and electronic components

ACF50 is available in a handy aerosol spray regular top-ups of exposed areas are recommended this product is ideal for home-use


  • kills existing corrosion and prevents new corrosion from forming
  • chemically neutralises the corrosive effects of road salt
  • approved for use on electrics
  • safe to use on metal, paintwork, plastics (keep it off the brake discs & pads)
  • is not water soluble - contains no water, silicon, teflon or wax
  • economical - a little ACF-50 goes a long, long way - and it lasts
  • exposed areas will benefit from regular top-ups using the handy aerosol spray

ACF50 can be purchased from Scorpion Tyres in a 369 gram can only £15
(customer collection only mail order is not available)


Scorpion Tyres recommends:

Clean it with Sdoc 100, protect it with ACF-50 and grease it with Corrosion Block

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